Best and free screencasting software

I often use screencasting (video capture) software for tutorials, demos, even recording skype video calls (of course you have to inform the other parties that they are being recorded).

I have come across Camstudio, Jing and others. Most of them have problems and limitations. For example Camstudio usually breaks in Windows 7. Jing only allows 10 minutes of video recording in its free version. Others cannot record from sound card. So my basic requirements for a video capture software are:
  • Free
  • Capture audio from sound card
  • Full screen capture
  • Small file sizes
So, after a lot of search and many hours of downloading, installing and experimenting I finally found my love! It's called Debut which covers my basic requirements and in addition it has the following features:
  • Records by default in H264: This is very important, since you don't have to install extra software to convert your video captures to smaller filesizes or to other formats.
  • Captures audio from Microphone, Sound card or both. This can be used for recording Skype video/audio sessions and video conferences!
  • Frame rate adjustment. Use it to further reduce the video size.
  • Easy and intuitive UI. For beginners, you don't have to configure anything. Just install it and start capturing your stuff
  • You can add text captions. This is a super feature, which can make your tutorials even better. 
  • Easy upload to youtube, dailymotion, etc.
  • It's FREE!
The free version is a full-featured version and it doesn't have any limits on video recording time, quality etc. You can download the free version from here. (The freeware version of Debut video capture software is available for non-commercial use only)

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