How to add a free file manager in Joomla 3 TinyMCE editor

Joomla's default editor is TinyMCE which is a great and lightweight online editor for most purposes.

However it has a huge drawback for me: It does not include a file manager. There is no easy way to attach a file the editor. You have to use other tools, eg ftp, or Joomla's media manager.

After some searching around, and trying some solutions I found the best way to do this.

Adding a new language in Wordpress the easy and quick way

Say that you already have a monolingual or bilingual site in wordpress and you want to quickly add content in a new language that you or your customer requires.

I realised that this is can be a very time consuming job.

It can also be quite confusing since many times you don't have any idea of that new language content that you will be adding.