Troubleshooting the integration of Google Apps with the organization's SSO system

Google Apps is great for your organization, because it provides so many applications and tools.

These days, the first thing to consider when planning to deploy a new IT system is its integration with existing IT infrastructure. Google Apps provides single sign-on (SSO) login integration, which can use your organization's central SSO service.

MySQL Transactions in PHP

Error handling transactions in PHP

Transactions are very crucial for maintaining the integrity of our data. Web applications often ignore transactional integrity which can be very dangerous.

A common problem is when we need to perform two or more inserts in one operation. If we don't use transactions, then only some of them will be inserted which will bring a complete chaos in our database.

Debugging LDAP php scripts

Sometimes trying to find out what's wrong when you try to connect to an LDAP from your php scripts and programs can be very hard.

Here is one of the most important commands which you can use in order to troubleshoot your ldap connections.

Best and free screencasting software

I often use screencasting (video capture) software for tutorials, demos, even recording skype video calls (of course you have to inform the other parties that they are being recorded).