How to create a VPN connection from (L)ubuntu to your work computer

If you want to connect to a Windows VPN connection from a Ubuntu/Debian/Lubuntu client, create a new VPN connection and use the following options:
  1. Check the box "Use point-to-point MPPE"
  2. Disable eap
  3. Always ask password

How-to: Setup apache for a multi user shared hosting environment

Basic setup of a multi user hosting environment on Ubuntu or Debian.

This is a very simple, minimal and safe setup which allows users to have their own web sites hosted in a central web server. The main advantage of this method is that it is very secure.

The main features of this setup are the following:
  • Each user has his own home directory
  • Each user can have one or more websites hosted
  • Web server does not need extra configuration regarding users, groups etc.
  • Users are owners of their website(s) and can connect and modify their sites at will.
  • Users can only view the web directories that they own.
  • Simple and fast setup